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Flero (BS), 26th April 2016 – The first edition of MUSIC INSIDE RIMINI (7-9 May – Rimini Fiera) has all the right cards to revolutionize and anticipate the future of the international trade fair market starting from Italy.

It is no coincidence that Outline’s participation is two-fold: a stand of over 100 square metres (Hall A5C5 017) and the Music Inside Festival: 36 hours of music with 30 absolutely top-grade DJs, whose sounds will be amplified by three distinct GTO (Grand Touring Outline) systems supplied by Angelo Catoni’s rental company Emporio On Stage with the support of Federico Rotondo’s Sound Tech. A truly rare opportunity to see and hear the elite of international deejaying at work over two very exciting days. The line-up speaks for itself, and is one of the most complete and impressive ever put together in Italy (read more).

The Outline stand – an innovative concept.
The concept is linked with the topic of Acoustic Intelligence and features the silhouettes of impressive Transformer-style robots on the Outline stand. Not ordinary robots, but real technological “monsters” in statuesque poses built exclusively using models of Outline products. In fact, all the components are authentic (see here). All this will be accompanied by a suggestive 3D motion graphics video on a 3×3 m LED wall.

The VEGAS family of loudspeakers to the fore.
Outline will present the VEGAS series, designed for installation and amplification in various vertical markets. The range includes a super-compact model with the very specific function of image shifter, and three coaxial systems with unique features for this type of speaker. The VEGAS 24, 8 CX, 12 CX and 15 CX models are designed and manufactured to the same stringent quality standards as the Grand Touring Outline range. Common characteristics are a very high Common Intelligibility Scale Rating and an excellent combination of power, light weight and dimensions. VEGAS 24 can be carried with one hand and weighs in at just 3 kg, but the precision and dynamics it provides must be heard to be believed: this enclosure is optimized for superb speech and instrument reinforcement and its ideal fields of application are front fill and under balcony fill.

The proprietary wave-guide design further improves the system’s features for sound localization (image shifting) and other psychoacoustic effects specified for high-profile installations, along with main Front of House systems. Thanks to specific expedients and ingenious solutions applied to the coaxial speakers, such as, for example, the HF section’s special loading, the VEGAS 8 CX, 12 CX and 15 CX full-range two-way models can boast better performance than similar models in the same category. The cabinets’ asymmetric design enable any VEGAS CX model to be used as either a floor monitor or front fill speaker (read more).

Outline CEO Giorgio Biffi states: “After years of silence, the time was long overdue for holding a trade fair targeting Italian industry professionals, the majority of which don’t visit Frankfurt’s PL+S. We were among the first to register as exhibitors at the event and are really pleased to be able to present the technology and numerous products that we have designed and manufactured since the last Italian expo (SIB) – ten years go! – and which have led to our well-earned success in almost every country in the world, particularly on the rental market. We will therefore be pleased to welcome our wonderful trade’s key players and industry members, still the best in the world!

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