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Outline North America Appoints Joe Fustolo as Senior Sales Engineer/Product Support Specialist

ARMONK, NY — Outline North America, the US subsidiary of the premier Italian manufacturer of premium professional sound reinforcement products, is pleased to announce the appointment of Joseph “Joe” Fustolo as the newest member of the Outline North America Team.

We are pleased to make this announcement at InfoComm 2015 as yet another facet of the continued growth and development of Outline in the US”, said Tom Bensen, Outline North America’s Sr. V.P. and Managing Director.”

Joe is a great addition to the team with his experience and talents. We are confident that his impact will be immediate, and that he will hit the ground running”, he added.

Joe joins Outline with over 20 years experience in the audio industry ranging from Recording, Theatre, Rigging, Live Sound, Installation, Customer Support, Technical Sales, Sales Management, and System Design.

It is truly an honor to be working for such a passionate company. With the best in Italian quality, along with a very innovative approach to their product design and engineering, I am ready to do my part in taking Outline to the next level here in the US Market. I look forward to the challenges and rewards that lie ahead”, said Fustolo.

Joe will be based in a new satellite office in Taunton, MA conveniently located within the Northeast Corridor giving him easy access to all major markets.

OUTLINE Introduces STADIA100 LA at InfoComm 2015

Large-format Installation Product Featuring Coherent Reproduction Down to 300 Hz with Full Directional Control

ORLANDO, FL. JUNE 17 — Outline, a highly regarded manufacturer of high quality pro audio loudspeakers, announced the new STADIA100 LA family of lightweight loudspeakers – specifically designed for large-scale permanent installation applications – at Infocomm 2015 in Orlando (booth 511). The STADIA100 LA combines key principles of line-source theory with proprietary Outline technologies to deliver a highly versatile and powerful product for stadiums, arenas, large churches and sport facilities.

Comprised of three 155 lb. modules – all with 100° horizontal directivity – STADIA100 LA offers a choice of 10°, 20° or 30° dispersion in the vertical plane. This allows the enclosures to be combined as required to provide optimum coverage for each location enabling designers to create an audio solution that keeps audible reflections and unwanted reverberation to a minimum while providing excellent intelligibility over long distances.

All enclosures feature two-way active designs containing eight 8-inch mid-range transducers and four 1.4” exit compression drivers mounted on Outline’s unique D.P.R.W.G. waveguide to provide the designated vertical directivity with fully directional coherent reproduction down to 300 Hz. Frequency response is 65 Hz to 19 kHz.

STADIA100 LA delivers up to 149 dB with a peak input power handling in excess of 8kW. Coupled with pin-point directional control accuracy over long distances, it creates the power and precision to provide perfectly intelligible full-range audio throughout the largest spaces.

Construction and finishing techniques developed specifically for long-term outdoor installation are standard in the STADIA100 LA. Outline’s proprietary ‘outSIDE’, an extraordinarily tough and waterproof elastoplastic coating that interacts with the cabinet material to provide unmatched durability regardless of location or conditions is utilized on all enclosures.

Outline North America’s Sr. VP and Managing Director Tom Bensen states: “The STADIA100 LA is perfectly suited for the many large venues throughout the Americas and specifically designed to meet the evolving demands of the maturing installation market.”

OUTLINE Subwoofer Unveiled at InfoComm 2015

EIDOS 218 S Super Sub

ORLANDO, FL. JUNE 17 — Outline, a highly regarded manufacturer of high quality pro audio loudspeakers, showed off the new EIDOS 218 S, a super-powerful subwoofer featuring an exceptional size-to-power ratio with 148.5 dB SPL peak @ 1m and extended low-frequency reproduction that goes down to 28 Hz. This subwoofer is ideal for applications requiring high-powered sub-bass delivery in an efficient enclosure.

The EIDOS 218 S incorporates E.R.P. (Energy Retentive Porting), a proprietary Outline design that assists airflow and enhances transducer efficiency, thus providing tremendous punch. Based on the principles of fluid dynamics and successfully applied to the science of controlling pneumatic forces within a loudspeaker enclosure, the unique configuration of specially shaped ports ensures optimum laminar airflow. Laminar airflow is defined as air moving at the same speed and in the same direction, with no or minimal crossover of air streams. This maximizes efficiency and enables more amplifier power to be converted into acoustic energy.

Outline North America’s Sr. VP and Managing Director Tom Bensen states: “The release of the new EIDOS 218 S shows Outline’s continued commitment to expanding the horizons of loudspeaker design and technology.