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Leading European designers and manufacturers of loudspeaker technology Outline have chosen ISE 2015 as the global launch event for their groundbreaking new large-scale permanent installation product.

The Outline STADIA100 LA range combines key principles of line-source theory with well-established proprietary Outline technologies to produce a range of products which provide the perfect ‘toolbox’ for those engaged in audio installations in very large spaces such as sports stadia.

The new loudspeakers are an entirely original design created specifically for purpose. Capable of delivering up to 149 dB with a peak input power handling of 8kW, coupled with pin-point accuracy of directional control over long distances, the STADIA100 LA delivers the power and accuracy to provide perfectly intelligible full-range audio throughout the largest spaces.

Construction and finishing techniques developed specifically for long-term outdoor installation have also been used in the STADIA100 LA, notably Outline’s own ‘outSIDE’, an extraordinarily tough and waterproof elastoplastic coating which interacts with the cabinet material to provide unmatched durability regardless of location or conditions.

Also on show and available for demo will be Outline’s new system processor, the iP48 iMode digital loudspeaker processor. Packing four inputs and eight outputs into a single unit of rackspace, this all-new design offers several performance-focused features unique to Outline.

Of particular interest is the iP48‘s use of innovative WFIR (Warped Frequency Finite Impulse Response) filtering technology which utilises the same principles as human hearing, and which is facilitated by the vast DSP power of iP48. This technology produces a consistently more natural and lifelike audio response by distributing the frequency resolution over a semi-logarithmic scale.

Outline iP48 also offers Raised Cosine Filters. Compared to traditionally implemented parametric functions these deliver improved transfer curve shaping, controlling intervention frequency bandwidth more precisely while maintaining minimum-phase response.

All onboard audio I/O can operate in either analogue or digital (AES/EBU) and connection via standard Ethernet protocol allows total system control via PC web browser, as well as iPhone / iPad and Mac OS X (App). The 4 Inputs and 8 Outputs can be configured in a number of ways depending on the application requirements, making iP48 a perfect ‘go to’ processing device for any FOH or monitoring system. Its connectivity and flexibility also makes it a perfect installation tool for controlling complex multi-zone systems.

Outline’s CEO Giorgio Biffi said, “ISE is the most important European event for the installation and contracting industry so it’s the perfect place to launch STADIA100 LA. We are very excited about this product because it represents so much of what Outline is about – producing genuinely innovative products created from a clear understanding of the needs of the market. The same is true of the new iP48 of course, with class-leading multi-platform control protocols and onboard processing that simply delivers superior results – come and see us at ISE Amsterdam on stand 7-W205!”