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White Eagle Entertainment Ltd. brings Outline’s Doppia and DBS systems to exclusive New Delhi nightclub

Located in Delhi’s Ashok Hotel, Pangaea is the latest addition to the numerous world-famous exclusive clubs owned by Michael Ault, a pre-eminent club operator with almost 25 successful years in the nightlife industry and more than thirty nightclubs operating in key markets such as New York, Miami Beach, Los Angeles, Bermuda, Sao Paulo and Marbella.

Delhi, which has India’s biggest luxury market in the country, was reportedly chosen by Ault after noting that many of the clients in his Singapore club were Indian billionaires, who asked him to bring the brand to India. One of them (Spice Group’s owner BK Modi) entered partnership with Ault to establish Pangaea on the Indian nightlife scene.

Although only having a capacity of about 450 patrons, for Pangaea (“All lands” – a super-continent that existed approximately 300 million years ago and consisted in the present-day continents, before it broke up and they drifted into their current positions) Ault – as always – wanted the best, so top DJs such as KasKade, voted among the world’s top five jocks, keep the atmosphere hot with a cutting edge sound system by Italian manufacturer Outline.

Due to an early closing time of 12.30am, Ault decided only to participate on a consultancy basis (designing, branding, building, training, publicising, marketing, promoting, booking, setting up systems and controls, and opening the venue), after which the Spice Group took over the club’s operation.

Ault and his project manager Garry Lawrence brought in New Delhi-based White Eagle Entertainment Pvt Ltd (Outline’s distributor for India) to supply and install the audio, lighting and laser equipment at Pangaea.

WEE’s team was led by MD Arun Kalra, whose brief was to specify a system with “high energy sound that would encourage everyone to dance.” Arun also fielded Outline’s Open Array software to determine the optimum configuration and mounting positions.

The main system comprises six Outline Doppia II 9075P three-way loudspeakers, four Outline DVS 15 wide range loudspeakers, two Outline DVS 12 high efficiency loudspeakers and two Outline Eidos 10 two-way loudspeakers, all of which are equipped with passive low-loss crossovers, catering for mid-high frequencies.

Beefy bottom-end punch is courtesy of a sextet of Outline DBS 18-2 subwoofers that extend the low frequency response and the two Outline Eidos 118S subwoofers ensuring deep low frequencies are compact enclosures with an impressive peak SPL of 135 dB at one metre.

The Italian theme continues in the venue, with Outline also being chosen for the sound system’s powerhouse. In fact, the high-impact set-up is driven by nine amplifiers: a combination of five Outline T-Five and two Outline T-Eleven and two Outline DPA 1004 digitally processed models.

The club, which was completed ahead of schedule and below budget, is, according to Ault, “Unquestionably one of the most beautiful clubs I have ever seen” and has received unprecedented media coverage worldwide with extensive articles and reports by top periodicals and TV networks.