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Two positions addressing company growth: Outline appoints engineer Andrea Ippolito and business developer Anastasia Klinushkina

Flero (Brescia) Italy – 2014 has got off to a flying start at Outline. In fact, the Italian company has expanded its technical staff, which has been joined by telecom engineer Andrea Ippolito, and Anastasia Klinushkina has been appointed as business developer supporting the sales office.

The pair has joined the team to enable Outline to ensure clients even better service and further boost its dynamic R&D department’s work.

Andrea Ippolito, (25) a graduate (with full marks) in telecommunications engineering and an amateur clarinettist, has already worked for several months on the iMode project, under the guidance of engineer Daniele Pagani.

Ippolito explains, “From my point of view, joining Outline’s R&D team has meant having the opportunity of being involved in highly ambitious projects, using state of the art technology and working alongside some of the best engineers in the pro audio industry. My experience in the digital signal processing field has numerous applications in audio, which for me is a great source of stimulus and satisfaction, thanks also to my love for music.

The first project I worked on was the development of the iMode platform: thanks to research and implementation of efficient avant-garde digital processing techniques, such as WFIR filtering, we achieved the goal of really in-depth overall system control which, along with the upgrade of the iOS applications, makes control work enjoyable and immediate.

Anastasia Klinushkina (30), native Russian speaker, also speaks fluent English, Italian and German. She obtained a degree in foreign language teaching in Moscow, another in languages for international business communication in Modena (Italy) and inherited a great love for audio from her sound engineer father.

Anastasia’s mission will be to maintain and strengthen relations with existing clients (some of whom are long-standing Outline customers), whether they are distributors, installers, rental companies or consultants, as well as finding opportunities for global expansion in new markets.

Her mastery of languages, knowledge of several cultures and great communicative ability will enable Anastasia to work at both front-office level (actually relating with the outside world), and in a back-office context, analyzing the figures and results achieved, for the benefit of the sales department and the company’s marketing in general.

Anastasia explains, “I’m very proud to work for Outline. I’ve always loved the pro audio world, thanks above all to my father, who has worked in the sector for almost thirty years.

I consider my role as being transversal and multi-faceted, as it involves the sales, marketing, R&D, logistics and administration departments. My previous work experience has enabled me to build up the abilities I currently have, which will without doubt stand me in good stead in this job, but I’ll obviously learn a lot more as I go along, and this is very exciting. I’m convinced that, rather than looking for distributors, nowadays companies need to find partners willing to shares responsibilities and success. The key to successful international cooperation is precisely the realization of common objectives.

Outline CEO Giorgio Biffi comments, “The team’s expansion is a further step in our development and expansion process at international level. There are countries with a high development potential, in which our brand’s appeal could be greatly appreciated. Young people are an indispensable resource since, as well as their technical skills, they are able to communicate new ideas using many different media. We are now stronger and ready to follow up on this latest step.