Outline [aʊtlʌɪn] · noun · short-form: [•-]

Original innovators
of proprietary audio solutions
since 1973.

More fun, no party.

Celebrating [•–]'s 50th birthday with a gala seemed rather obvious – only, where's the fun with any most obvious choice? We invested instead in a massive, game-changing restructuring – that feels as wild, epic [and fun] as the most daring rave.


Founded in 1973 by Guido Noselli, [•-] is an industry-leading manufacturer of premier audio solutions, sound reinforcement systems, innovative FPGA-based digital signal engines, laboratory-grade measurement equipment and related technologies.

Our mission:
Delivering uncompromising sound to elevate your audience engagement.

Our vision:
Enabling a transformative experience for each and every listener.

Produce of Italy

Research, development and design of superb audio systems and solutions is indeed [•–]'s pride, paired with the genuine obsession that drives its in-house manufacturing of premium pro audio products and tools, inspired by its sound vision.

Pros' kudos

Sound Systems

Pros' kudos

Signal Processor

Do you kapeesh?

Crafting a most impressive sound experience takes science and art combined into one, with the most exact audio tools (like Outline's, no less), via most informed knowledge – which we lovingly share within the kapeesh side-site.


Vibes from the [•-] galaxy.

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